website Hosting

There are several methods of hosting (publishing) your website on the Internet (World Wide Web).

  1. Publishing with a recognised hosting provider, like Engadine Web Services.
  2. Publishing with a commercial ISP (Internet Service Provider) and/or host such as Telstra Bigpond, Optus etc.
  3. Publishing with one of the free services such as Yahoo, Geocities or Tripod. This method provides little security and low level support, however you may wish to live with this and access the free domain name and publishing service. Advertising banners and/or pop-up windows will be attached to your site, these are generally unobtrusive but considered unprofessional for a business site.
  4. Publishing on the host space provided by your ISP, this method provides little support and low level publishing services with no support for active server pages or any form of dynamic capability. These areas are made available for personal home pages.

The hosting process is where you store your website pages so that your clients can access and view your website using your new domain name that has been delegated (pointed) to this host server.

Web hosting companies take the collection of web pages that make up your website and store them on computers called web servers. Internet users can then connect to the web pages through these servers.

Many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide free web hosting in return for placing advertising on your site, but when you're building a site for your business you'll need a professional (paid) service. One of the drawbacks of free hosting is that you can't use your own domain name and there are very few features available. Other hosting options are the use of server space allocated as part of your ISP registered account, this space is generally around 5 to 10 Meg. This option also has many drawbacks in the area of support and services.

Your Website may need e-commerce capabilities if you have goods or services to sell. You may also have scripting or database requirements if your site needs to store and sort information. Free or ISP host services rarely provide this level of sophistication and their servers do not have the space to accommodate these features.

Finding a hosting provider is a lot like finding business premises. You need to find the right combination of services and facilities for your business, at the right price. It is important to follow the advice of your web designer, they have the experience and the technical knowledge required to match a host with the requirements of your Website.

Website hosting is a very competitive business and the platforms used, services and storage space offered varies widely between companies. It is therefore very important that you don't sign up with a host provider without first understanding the needs of you new website, talk to your website designer.

Our Host Server Registration Service

As with our Domain Name registration service, we also carry out the full host registration process for your new website and this is included at no additional charge.

We also provide a Host Server registration service for customers not requiring website design.